10 Toys and Accessories To Take Your Blanket Fort To the Next Level

10 Great Toys and Accessories To Take Your Blanket Forts to the Next Level

Remember how much fun it was to build a blanket fort in the living room? So do I! Although you don’t really need anything more than some blankets and something to hold them up to create a classic blanket fort, here are 10 toys and accessories that can take your blanket fort to the next level of AWESOME.

Please note: this post is intended for blanket fort builders from a range of ages from toddlers to teens, and not all toys and accessories listed in this post will be appropriate for all age groups. Check the safety information provided by the manufacturer and use common sense.


1. 6″ Handheld Brass Telescope with Wooden Box

An attractive and functional, but inexpensive telescope to help fort inhabitants keep a look out for enemy forces and/or great white whales.

A Kids' Guide to Building Forts

2. A Kids’ Guide To Building Forts

This cool book is full of inspiration for awesome indoor and outdoor forts.

Pacific Play Tents Kids Find Me Multi Color 6 Foot Crawl Tunnel - Red, Yellow & Blue

3. Find Me Tunnel

This durable six foot long play tunnel is a super fun addition to any blanket fort that can be use as an entrance, to connect different rooms, and more! Each tunnel comes with Velcro straps that can be used to connect it to additional tunnels for a longer crawl.

Cooo Battery Operated Flameless LED Tea Light for Seasonal & Festival Celebration, Pack of 12, Electric Fake Candle in Warm White and Wave Open

4. Flameless Candles

Blanket forts and open flames are a dangerously flammable combination, but if your kids want to do some old-fashioned blanket cave spelunking, or just like the cozy atmosphere of candle light, these battery-powered, flameless candles provide a safe alternative that even flickers like real candlelight.

Fort Magic: Fort Building & Construction Toy Kit

5. Fort Magic

This 382-piece fort construction kit resembles oversized Tinkertoys and can be used to build a large variety of stand-alone forts, rockets, castles, and more, or combined with a traditional pillows-and-blankets-style blanket fort. The kit comes with a booklet with plans for many different fort designs, or kids can design their own.

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Jumbo Cardboard Blocks (Developmental Toy, 40 Pieces, 12.5″ H × 7″ W × 19″ L, Great Gift for Girls and Boys - Best for 2, 3, 4, and 5 Year Olds)

6. Melissa & Doug Deluxe Jumbo Cardboard Blocks

These sturdy cardboard blocks can be used individually as supports or to add height in blanket forts, or together to create “walls.”

10 ft. White Outdoor String Light, 10 Mini Lanterns, 1 Plugin Strand, Connectable, Water Resistant, Indoor/Outdoor Use, Expandable to 240 Lights

7. Multi-Color Indoor/Outdoor Mini Oriental Style Nylon Lantern Plug-in String Lights

Older kids and teens may want to add some lighting to some blanket fort “rooms” and these colorful paper lanterns are an attractive and atmospheric option.

Pacific Play Tents 18000 Playchute 10' Parachute - Multicolor

8. Pacific Play Tents Playchute 10′ Parachute

If you have fond memories of parachute day in gym class, here’s your opportunity to own a family size play parachute that’s perfect for play dates, birthday parties, and more. It also makes a fun and colorful addition to any blanket fort!

9. Starry Night Lantern

If your kids decide they want to camp out in their blanket fort (and really, what kid doesn’t want to do this at least once?), this Starry Night Lantern can make it feel like a real camp-out under the stars. It shows real constellations instead of the generic “starry night” scene of many toy star projectors.

Qualizzi Fairy Lights (33Ft/100LEDs) - Warm White Stylish Led Copper Wire Starry String Lights w/Remote Control. Give a Chic Accent to Your Home or Patio Decorations (Small)

10. Starry String Lights

Another beautiful and atmospheric lighting option for blanket forts built by older children and teens is these starry string lights, which will make your blanket fort appear lit by fireflies.

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