10 Vampire Books for Grown-ups

10 Great Vampire Novels For Grown-Ups

If you’re tired of moony YA vampires, here are 10 vampire books for adults that give vampires back their fangs. Some are sexy, some are scary, some are just trying to get by. None of them sparkle.

1. Butler, Octavia – Fledgling

The late grandmistress of science fiction brings her incisive blend of master storytelling and social commentary to this examination of race, genetic engineering, and what it means to be human.

2. Charnas, Suzy McKee – The Vampire Tapestry

An interesting and realistic take on a biological, rather than supernatural vampire.

3. Cronin, Justin – The Passage

A viral plague threatens to end the world in this critically acclaimed vampire thriller.

4. King, Stephen – ‘Salem’s Lot

King does vampires – need I say more?

5. Lindqvist, John Ajvide – Let the Right One In

A bullied boy befriends a child vampire with chilling results in this novel, which has been made into two award-winning films (Swedish Let the Right One In and American Let Me In).

6. Martin, George R.R. – Fevre Dream

Best known for his hugely popular A Song of Ice and Fire fantasy series (the basis for HBO’s hit show A Game of Thrones), George R.R. Martin has also turned his pen to vampire fiction, and Fevre Dream, set on a Mississippi riverboat in the 19th century, is considered by many to be a modern classic of the genre thanks to its unique vampire mythology and excellent characterization.

7. McKinley, Robin – Sunshine

Come for the interesting dystopian worldbuilding and distinctly inhuman take on vamps, stay for the mouthwatering descriptions of baked goods.

8. Pratchett, Terry – Carpe Jugulum

Legendary satirist Terry Pratchett turns vampire legends, like so much else, on their head in the strange and wonderful land of Discworld, with hilarious results.

9. Rowe, Michael – Enter, Night

An ancient evil awakes in a down-on-its-luck mill town in 1970s Ontario.

10. Ward, J.R. – Dark Lover

If you love the sexy vampires that abound in YA vampire lit, but want something a little more mature, J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series should hit the spot. Yeah, that spot.

What are your favorite vampire novels for adults? Please share in comments!

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