10 Classic Girl Stories

10 Classic Stories About Girls

These 10 classic stories about girls have stood the test of time. Not only are they fun to read (or read aloud), they also have great role models for girls and boys alike!

1. Alcott, Louisa May – Little Women

The classic story of 4 sisters in 1860s New England – domestic Meg, ambitious Jo, sweet Beth, and artistic Amy.

2. Burnett, Frances Hodgson – The Secret Garden

Spoiled, neglected Mary is orphaned in India and sent to the moors of Yorkshire, where she uncovers a tragedy and restores a family with the help of a mysterious walled garden.

3. Brink, Carol Ryrie – Caddie Woodlawn

Inspired by the life of Brink’s grandmother, this book tells the fun and exciting adventures of a young tomboy and her six siblings growing up on the Wisconsin frontier in the 1860s. If you love Caddie Woodlawn, you’ll also enjoy the sequel.

4. Cleary, Beverly – Ramona Quimby, Age 8

Boisterous 8 year old Ramona is one of literature’s most realistic young girls, and her adventures and misadventures in third grade will be familiar to any child. Part of a series.

5. Dahl, Roald – Matilda

A young genius takes revenge on her selfish parents and evil headmistress after discovering some very special powers.

6. Fisher, Dorothy Canfield – Understood Betsy

A timid and overprotected girl moves to the country after a change in circumstances and finds her self-reliance and spirit.

7. Lindgren, Astrid – Pippi Longstocking

The wacky adventures of Pippi, a strong young girl with a pet monkey, a horse that lives on her front porch, and no parents telling her what to do. Part one of a series.

8. Montgomery, L.M. – Anne of Green Gables

The irrepressible redhead Anne Shirley is one of literature’s most beloved heroines. The film version starring Megan Follows as Anne is also highly recommended. Part one of a series.

9. O’Dell, Scott – Island of the Blue Dolphins

Inspired by a true story, this novel tells the story of a young California Indian girl who is stranded on an island with her young brother and must use her wits to survive.

10. Wilder, Laura Ingalls – Little House on the Prairie

A few years after Caddie Woodlawn’s adventures on the Wisconsin frontier, the Ingalls family left their home in the Wisconsin woods and moved to the even wilder Kansas frontier. This book is a fictionalized account of the family’s life on the Kansas prairie, focusing on Laura and her two sisters. Part two of a series, but stands alone.

What are your favorite classic girl stories?

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