10 Great Cli-Fi Novels

Although stories about man-made or natural climate change are nothing new, there has been an explosion of them in recent years as concerns about global warming have grown more pressing, so many that activist¬†Dan Bloom¬†coined the term “cli-fi” (short for climate fiction) to represent the genre. Climate fiction is commonly dystopian or post-apocalyptic, but the genre also includes thrillers, adventure novels, young adult fiction, literary fiction, and more. Here are 10 great cli-fi novels from a variety of genres:

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10 “My Year Of…” Books

People have long understood that making a dramatic but temporary change to your daily routine can help you open your mind, broaden your experiences, and examine your normal life with new eyes, without being hampered by the fear that is common in the face of more permanent life changes. This is one of the purposes behind such religious observances as Lent and Ramadan, among others.

Here are 10 books by people who’ve done something interesting, different, or just plain weird for a whole year:

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10 Awesome Fantasy Books In Non-European Settings

Fantasy Books in Non-European Settings


The modern fantasy genre grew out of medieval European folklore and legends such as the tales of King Arthur, so it’s not surprising that the vast majority of fantasy literature is set in a world that closely resembles Western Europe during the Middle Ages. In recent years, however, a growing number of fantasy authors have looked to the myths and legends of other cultures for their inspiration. Here is a selection of 10 great fantasy novels set in or inspired by non-European cultures:

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10 Great Fantasy Novels for Girls

10 Great Fantasy Novels For Girls


The fantasy genre was once dominated by male authors such as J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, and Robert Howard, but over the last 30 or 40 years, a growing number of female fantasy authors have also made a name for themselves in the genre, and fantasy has also become increasingly popular among female readers. If you have a budding young fantasy fan, here are some of the best fantasy novels for girls:

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