10 Scary Books For Kids

10 Great Scary Books For Kids

Yesterday, we shared our picks for 10 of the scariest books ever written for adults. Today, it’s time to talk about some great scary books for kids.

Please note, we’re not kidding when we say these books are really scary. Many kids love to be scared and will devour them and ask for more, but other children will find them genuinely terrifying and may suffer from nightmares as a result. PLEASE consider your child’s age, personality, and level of maturity carefully before giving them any of these books.

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10 Helpful Cookbooks For People Who Can’t Cook

10 Great Cookbooks For People Who Can't Cook

Homemade food is often cheaper, healthier, and even tastier than eating out or buying pre-prepared foods at the grocery store. But if you never learned to do anything more complicated than heating up a frozen pizza, cooking from scratch can seem pretty intimidating. Luckily, there are a bunch of great cookbooks that were written with total beginners in mind. Here are 10 cookbooks that will teach you how to cook, even if you don’t know how to boil water:

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